Eye-level media surrounds visitors

Look Banners hang low on the pole, typically just above the roofline of cars and dominate the environment.

Parking lot speeds ensure a long read and dwell time. A minimum of 12 faces (6 banners) per location means multiple impressions per visitor. Flexible placements, creative versions and number of banners optimize your impact. All units are illuminated with 100% share of view.


“45% of daily trips are taken for shopping and errands”


Nearly half of road traffic is destined for shopping center parking lots – the modern town square.

It’s where people go for daily necessities, entertainment and health. Our portfolio includes major big box stores, supermarkets, pharmacies and specialty retailers.



Shoppers opt-in for commercial messages

This general market audience sees pole banners on a path to purchase, wallets open and ready to spend.

Unlike many interruptive media formats, banners become part of the experience for a receptive audience. It’s also a controlled media environment, family-friendly with high standards for artwork.